Am I clutching at straws??

Ok so af came today. But have a friend who is 7 weeks pg. I don't have any pg books, but this is what she said hers says. Implantation bleeding comes at the time of af, and can sometimes be mistaken for it!! This was after I said I am 16 dpo and hadn't I missed the implantation period?

Now I don't know what to think! I've gone back to hoping this doesn't last long, and should possibly test again in another couple of days.

Obviously you may have different opinions, so any input welcome. Thanks. xx


  • implantation bleeds can happen slightly later too, i've heard. i had slight spotting at 5 weeks and was told it was implantation (i know my story didn't have a happy ending but at that stage all was ok)

    is your AF heavy? xxx
  • hello,i think we all clutch at straws :lol: on my first pregnancy i had a implantaion bleed 7dpo and it lasted about 5 days but yes i did think it was a normal period

  • Hi mrs_e. No it's not heavy, and is brown not red. I started off with spotting during previous af, but was red by the next day. I have had really bad backache, which has eased off a lot, no cramps yet - but I do get them with af.

    I would be 5 weeks on this coming Friday if pg.

    Guess it's a waiting game still! xx
  • Thanks Sarah. What made you realise it wasn't? xx
  • i guess you will have to wait and see what it is like tomorrow - my fingers are crossed for you though!!

  • Thank you! xx
  • Last month I really thought I was pg but af arrived unexpectantly and light without any cramps. Usually I suffer cramps quite bad on first day. I thought maybe I am pg as some women bleed in pg or could be implantation So I tested a few days later but BFN. Im now nearing the end of next cycle so im def not pg from last month. Its all very confusing and we often read up on things or hear others stories and start to believe its happening to us. All im saying is dont be too hopeful because you'll be more disappointed I know I was. Sorry not being negative just dont want to get your hopes up x x x x
    good luck though and i hope it is BFP! x x
  • Hope it is implantation hun, fingers crossed for a bfp! x
  • Thanks MrsRich and Fiona86.

    I had cramps, dizzyness, backache, trapped wind (sorry), slight nausea all in my 2ww. Never had any of those before af before. I have a pain in right side again, which is unusual for me with af...still clutching at those straws! lol

    I did a test last night when spotting started. But surely if not implanted yet, test would be negative anyway?

    I will see how it goes, if remains light, or browny, or different from normal af in anyway...I'll think about testing later in the week. Especially if it only lasts a few days.

    Thanks for all your replies. xx
  • it was about a week after i had the bleed (i never suffer from period pains) i was having the worst period pains ever and that lasted a week and i was getting sick of it so i thought if i did a test that would show neg' and that would bring my period on,i had the shock of my life when it came back as a bfp

  • Jeezo!!!!! Mithical, cant believe it. Hope it is implantation bleeding for you. I'm clutching to straws as well. Keep clutching!!!!!
    Thanks for signposting me to your post.
  • I hope it is just implantation bleeding. Fingers crossed!
    I'm clutching to straws too because i have all the signs of AF and yet she has not shown herself yet. So hopefully thats just PG signs.

    These things get so complicated!

    Hope you get your BFP very soon.
  • Any more news Mithical?
  • Hello. Well it was definitely af, and she was in full force yesterday!! Today I have had no pains at all, which is the first time since before ov!!

    PMA is coming back, so fingers crossed June is my month. Hope those others of you waiting get your bfp's and those of you moving into June with me. xx
  • Oh no, sorry it was definately her! Good luck for next month and I hope its a painfree one!!xx
  • Thank you! Is it this weekend you ov Helen? xx
  • Yes, think I have this evening but it was fainter than sometimes. My donor came this afternoon and if I ov later than today he says he can do a topup(lol)over the weekend, which is really nice of him.xx
  • sorry to hear she turned up mithical but glad PMA is coming back xxx
  • That's good Helen, hope it's successful this time. Roll on the bfp's!

    Thanks mrs_e, hope your PMA is in good stead...I'll share if not! xx
  • Sorry to hear about your bfn xxx
    Sending you buckets of babydust for June xxx
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