First month using OPK!

Morning everyone!

I'm on CD8 today... am I right in thinking I should start testing with my ov sticks on friday (CD10)?

Also I've bought cheapie ones, the ones u have to stick in a cup. Erm sorry to sound daft but what do u all collect ur wee in - I handn't really thought about it b4! Was thinking about buying some cheapy plastic disposable cups??? :\?



  • just bumping this up a bit x
  • Hi lily, sorry Im not going to be much help to you as its years since I tried ov sticks and I cant remember which days I started them on!

    Are there no instructions in with them? Im sure I can remember a leaflet with guides as to which days to start using them, depending on your cycle length.

    As for what to pee into, the choice is yours! :lol: Disposable cups should be fine, or just an old glass or cup which you dont use anymore!

    Good luck, let us know how you get on! xxxx

  • thanks hun.... doh silly me in my haste to rip the envelope open completely overlooked the instructions. Have retrieved them from the bin now! According to the chart and going by my usual 28 day cycle I should start testing day 11 which will be sat.... but i was 27 cycle before last so might start on fri to be on the safe side! I'm sure I read day 10 somewhere else anyway. Looking forward to my first 'POAS' (or should I say PIAC - pee in a cup!) x x

  • i use an old plastic tub that once had a chocolate pudding in it!!!!! (yes... i did clean it thouroughly!!)
  • good luck PIAC hun!!
    (by the way you aren't the only one who worries what to wee in!)
  • I used a shot glass!

    If you've bought the cheapy ones and you're not bothered about how many you go through you could start using them as early as cd8 - apparently some people can ov that early, and besides, I found it was interesting to see how the line got darker and darker until ov and then faded away again. I felt I had a better understanding of my body from using ov sticks.

    Good luck!
  • I use a washed out Fruitini plastic cup - it's quite wide which means I don't miss - LOL!!!
    What about a yoghurt pot?
  • A shot glass?! You must have good aim PTB! (or wet fingers! :lol: )

    Glad you found the instructions Lily, good luck hun! xxx

  • Hehe, a bit of both! (ewwwwww sorry!) If I wasn't concentrating it got a bit messy but am quite proud of the fact that my aim's pretty good & my bladder muscles are strong enough to stop after just a few secs image
  • :lol: Make the most of those bladder muscles! they dont last! :lol:

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