Ripped Off

Well this morning i realised i had no test sticks left for my CBFM (used the last one today). I was actually going to order some from Amazon today as i assumed i had about 10 left for some strange reason. So i went into town at dinner (i only get an hour) and looked EVERYWHERE and couldn't find any so on my way back to work i passed Asda and thought Ooh there is a Lloyds pharmacy there so i nipped in. I HAD to buy the sticks as i am due to peak anyday now but i really didn't want to!!!


Bloody robbing b*****ds!!!!!

I was fuming but i had no choice!!!!



  • Gosh that's a shocking price! Even more expensive than Boots!! But perhaps this will be your last packet.......................... xx
  • Hoping it your last pack hun and u can spend your money on CBD :lol: :lol:

    gems x
  • Lol god i really hope so but i have no PMA whatsoever, i never bloody do. I am hoping the ??25.00 leads to something good though, i would give anything for a bit of good luck before Xmas xxx
  • Gutted!!!
    I hate to think the money we spend each month on OPKs CBFMs and OPKs! Grrr!
  • For that money they had better be able to sing and dance! Fingers crossed for you this month chook! xxx
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