Give me a slap!

Well why did i do it i am 9dpo and couldn't resist testing well as i thought bfn why do i do it! Really annoyed with myself and have lost all my pma serves myself right. I really don't think i will get my bfp now this month never mind try again next month!


I'm usually really good with my will power i don't know where its gone


  • erm no i wnt lol. hunni we all do it lol i dont know how many times i have done that hehehehe......xxxx
  • Aw hun, its not over yet and probably just too early dont give up hope

  • yea i did it at 8dpo yesterday
    lol i knew it was a BFN but told myself it wont hurt :P

    I am trying to not test till 1 week :P I'll keeeeeep trying
  • I did it at 9dpo on wednesday! Bfn!
  • Thanks for your replys ladies
    i just want to know either way the wait is driving me mad!
  • U do need a slap! Dpo9 is too soon hun, its not over yet, not till aff comes, sending u lots of pma and hugs x x x
  • heehee it ace to know i aint alone im due sunday and have tested every day this wk bfn each one lol..... grrr to myself but have been convinced im preg as had so many signs which now wondering if just reading everything into it... but not over til it over eh ladies fingers crossed im normally early on period and getting closer and closer to date which for me is unusual so praying this our time good luck ladies xxxx
  • no slap but a little shake lol my af due next tuesday but refuse to test yet!
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