Cheapest TTC vitamins?

Starting TTC was put on hold while my hubbie was out of work but he got 2 good job offers today so it's on with the baby-making! Yay!

I've been taking Folic Acid for the last few months plus a regular muti-vitamin but now I'm actually TTC I was thinking I should take TTC vitamins (heard something about normal ones have too much Vitamin A?) However, was wondering if anyone knew the cheapest place to get them from as they are ludicrously expensive! Really feel I should take them though as I'm a veggie. Has anyone got any suggestions?

Thank you!


  • we were using pregnacare ones, i think about ??9 a box, but they are on 3 for 2 at the mo! (at tesco's)

    Good luck with ttc

  • Thanks Lozzy! I've looked at the Pregnacare ones before but got scared off by the cost! 3 for 2 is a much better deal though so I'll check that out.
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