I'm pregnant according to my cat!!!

Well not officially - but according to my cat I am!!!!!!!!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

He spent about ten minutes paddling on my tummy!

So that means I am right???!!! LOL

Sorry for the big tease!

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  • Oh Joo i got all excited - you tease!!! Lol xx
  • I nearly spurted my tea over my lap top!!!! Dont do that to me!
  • oooh my mums dog followed me about and keep nudging my tummy when i was only 6 weeks pg
    maybe ?
  • You complete wind up merchant!!!!

    if only it was that easy.... we'd all be out borrowing the neighbours cat!!!
  • Sorry ladies I just couldn't resist it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :lol: :lol:
  • Naughty Joo!! lol!
  • You meanie!! My heart leapt!
  • I edited the title - don't want to tempt fate and all that.

    My gorgeous little kitty was so cute tho - he got me all excited!!!

    I know I know, get back to the real symptom spotting!!!
    lol xxxxx
  • my cat is sat by the office door squawking his head off - what does that mean ??? its tea time!!!

    hee hee Joo your post has made me giggle after a very poop day at work!
  • You may all think this is funny, BUT when I was pg one of my cats must have known- hes spent nearly all the time with me, following me around etc, perhaps 4 times more than he normally does, even before I found out he was much more attentive, so you never know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xx
  • Same here, my cat knew I was pregnant before I did. She would curl up right on top of my tummy and when I was in bed, instead of her lying in her usual position at my feet, she would lie on my tummy and pad away!

    You never know, little Hugo (is that his name?) might sense a little bean in there, I hope so!


  • Wow! Would love Hugo to be right (yes that's him Tequila!!!)... but I did a test this morning and got a BFN. I'm only 8DPO, but AF is due on Friday so I expected it to show if I was pregnant. I know there is still time, but feeling like we've not done it again. I held the test up in the light for ages and could swear I saw a faint line, but I didn't, I was just willing my eyes to see it. Hubby said I was totally seeing things! LOL

  • They do say animals can sense things so you never know!!! And testing at 8dpo??!! Naughty Joo!!! Its way too early! Test again on Friday, and if Hugo is right give him a nice bit of salmon! good luck xxx
  • Hi = just popping in from the Oct forum.

    I'm pg with my first and twice now I've had this experience with cats. I went over to a friend's at the weekend who has a cat that usually completely ignores all visitors and doesn't come anywhere near them, anyway, I sat down and it just came from nowhere jumped up on my lap and purrred and rubbed itself against my tummy. My friend said she was like that when she was pg!!! Bizarre - it wouldn't leave me alone the whole time I was there.

    Also, the same thing happened a couple of months ago, we were at a dinner party and their cat just jumped up on my lap at the table. My friend went mad because it wasn't allowed to - but everytime she put it in the kitchen it would come back out and head straight for me and nuzzle my tummy - there were 7 other people there that it totally ignored!

    Really hoping that yours is a good sign - they seem to know!!

    Koi x
  • Joo what are you like hun?? lol. But you never know as people on here have said animals are very sensitive to these things. So your symtoms so far are sneezing and cats padding your tummy, but of course you are certainly not symptom spotting! he, he. fingers crossed for you hun xxxx
  • I am 5 weeks at my cat is following me evreywhere too-maybe they can detect all the extra hormones in your body. Somehting not really related but interesting is that I read there was a study of money given to lapdancers and they discovered that they were given more money on weeks they were ovulating than on weeks when they had their period. It is thought that men are subconciously drawn to the fertile women. Bit odd but interesting!
  • How very bizarre!! Must be like us being more horny when ovulating, except those hormones are in us.
    My cats are both more attentive at the moment so I'm optimistic!!!xx
  • my cat knew i was, kept padding my tummy too. You never know may be a bfp in the making. Good luck
    Filo x
  • my cat just bit my ankle! but my dog is glued to my side and has been for a few days now! i wonder if she knows something i don't! the cat is just a grumpy git!! lol
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