Doctors - going to bang my head against a wall!

Sorry in advance if I rant but I'm so frustrated with my doctors and I really don't know what to do!!

To cut a long story short I've now been 7 months off pill and in that time had 1AF, bloods and ultrasound revealed no problems. I went to my doctors when I hit the 6 month mark and she said she's refer me to a gyneacologist which may take 3-4 months but I should hear in 3-4 weeks.

So I called today having recieved no letter and the receptionist couldn't find a record of my referral. She said she'd call back, and as she hadn't by 5pm I called her. Apparently the letter has been dictated to the secretary but she hasn't got round to typing it up and sending it yet. They are done according to my priority and other things had come in higher priority!. Now I like to think I'm a reasonable person, but surely there must be some deadline by which letters have to be written, if it can wait a month, then why not 2 or 3? I work for the government myself and I don't think my boss would be happy if I sat on something for a month.

I'd been waiting for this letter every day and I'm so disappointed. There seems to be a blanket 1 year on referring people with regards ttc, but surely they can be a bit flexible if I'm not even having AFs??

Am I being unreasonable or should I just be hanging on for a year? It's making me so upset :cry: and I'm doing everything possible that I can do myself in terms of a healthy lifestyle, been to see a homeopath, taking temperatures and doing OPKs and whilst doing this trying to relax (yeah right!). Just feel with the doctors like I'm banging my head against a wall!!

Not really sure what to do now......

Sorry for the massive post. Thanks for listening xx


  • i am so sorry for that image image image

    It is soo frustrating wht u r going through! I really wish things changes for u and u start getting ur normal cycle back
  • sorry to hear that your GP surgery is so slack- I's be furious with them. I think the hardest things about ttc- especially when cycles are long and irregular is the complete lack of control, which isn't made any easier when people you are depending on don't follow through with what they say they will. I'd try and speak to your GP again (do they do phone consultations?) and chase it up otherwise try and speak to the practice manager and let them know what's happened.

    how's the agnus castus working for you?

    lb xx
  • Thankyou for your nice words girls. Just had a big cuddle on the sofa with my hubby so feeling a bit better. Little B how are you getting on?

    I started on the AC and it seemed to have positive effects, got a pos OPK and so stopped taking it but never got a temperature rise. Then went to see a homeopath thinking she'd advise me about how best to take it, but she's given me some other things that I've never heard of! I only started taking them on Sat so I'll see how it goes. I'm so tempted to take the AC again but she said not to so I could tell what the effects of the homeopathy was, so I'm not.

    I have a reasonably good relationship with my doctor so I don't want to sour it. They said she's not in til thurs again so I'll do my best but you can only book apts that morning, so telephone might be best!!


  • sorry their pants, i think you have every right to be mad and your also right about the deadline for actually sending letters of refferal, the prioity (sp) of a task should incase the more delayed it becomes. I would write a letter of complaint to ensure it is typed immediatly! Hope you AF's return to normal soon and the GP's Surgery get their arses into gear! xxx
  • glad that you're feeling a bit better. must have been confusing to get a pos OPK and then no temp rise? I'd stick with what the herbalist is recommending and see how it goes.

    I'm not too bad - couple of weeks ago we saw the consultant at the fertility clinic and she has referred us for IVF- I was floored, completely not expecting it, but am getting my head round it. next appt is in may for fingers crossed we'll have a better idea of when we can start that! xx
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