Hi I am new!

Hi there,
I am Karen (25, almost 26). I already have a DD who will be 2 in June. Last time it took 3 years of TTC a 6 full months of Clomid to conceive.
I am having my implant removed on 4th May so we can start TTC #2! I really hope it doesn't take as long as last time!

Hope you don't mind me joining?

Karen xxx


  • Hi Karen!
    Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of TTC! Hope your stay on here is as short as possible! Good luck and enjoy xx
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  • Thank you Wildthingv8. Hopefully it's a shortish stay!!
    Fingers crossed for your BFP too.
    Karen xxx
  • Cheers Hun,
    fingers crossed for us all xxx
  • Welcome to the mad house! Hope you're not here too long. :\)
  • Thank you hunni.
    I am expecting a long wait because of last time, but think this is so i don't get disappointed if it does take a long time again. I ended up suffering with depression because I wasn't conceiving and I don't want to go there again!
    Just going to take each cycle as it comes! Roll on 4th May!

    Karen xxx
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