***Newbie alert***

Hi Guys,

Just thought It was time to migrate across from YAYW and see what this site is all about!

Hubby and I have decided to give up on the contraception this week and see what happens, so i guess you could say we are TTC, but just not obsessive about it (yet) lol

Just wondering if i should be staring on the folic acid now....


  • Hi and welcome to TTC x If youre fresh over from YAYW and you dont know the abbreviations then you can find them on the chat room rules forum or the introduce yourself forum. What contraception where you using? xx
  • Hi hun,
    I recognise you from YAYW, I am also a fellow migrant image

    It is lovely and friendly over here, none of the drama etc of YAYW!

    Definitely start taking the folic acid now hun and enjoy the baby dancing image

    Love MrsH xxx
  • Hey MrsClareabella - I'm another YAYW convert too!

    All the advice seems to point towards taking folic acid around 3 months before you get pregnant (i.e. now) and then for the first 3 months of your pregnancy.

    I came off the pill in December, started taking folic acid in jan, then just got my BFP sunday, so I'm taking them with a vengeance now!
  • hello all, im also a YAYW migrant! lol gettingmarried next month! welcome clareabella image good luck ttc! and yes i would start taking folic acid just in case image

    good luck everyone xxxxxx
  • Hello and welcome!

    Im also from YAYW however i have changed my name,was clivedenbride def start the folic acid now. Good luck x
  • are you clareabella from October 2009 on YAYW? I was on there, have changed my name now but was beebee22 on there. Welcome and lots of luck TTC xx
  • hi, yes beebee, i remember you from that thread. How's things? I was on microgynon before, stopped that b4 xmas and we'd just been using condoms until we were ready, never had a date in mind for ttc but were on hols last week and one thing lead to another and we decided to just go for it. Not wanting to rush it, just seeing how it goes, if it takes a year then so be it, gonna enjoy the tryingimage
  • I am good thanks, married life is great! We decided to start TTC while we were on honeymoon and this is cycle 6, hoping we don't have to wait much longer. Good luck ttc honey, yep the trying is lots of fun image x
  • Married life certainly is brill isn't it?!

    doesn't seem like two minutes since I was talking to you about weddings hun, can hardly believe on Saturday it'll be six months!
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