Watery Discharge

Hi Ladies

Quick question for you - I am on CD27 now (no idea what my usual cycle is as last one 130 days as have PCOS and was my first AF after the pill) but I think I OV a couple of weeks ago as had the EWCM Etc - Basically been iritable for the last couple of days and yesterday felt like I was going to come on as everytime I stood up etc I felt like I was coming on but nothing there other than watery/slightly cream coloured discharge, but quite a bit of it, enough to know to where a panty liner today! Its still happening today! No sore boobs but then I never get that with AF

So do you think AF is on its way?? Last month i had spotting 2 days before but been doing alot of knicker checking and no spotting so far.

Thanks ladies
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