What to do? What to do?

Hey Girls!!

A long time I know!! Been bit busy for a few weeks but i have a bit of a dilemma!

Today is CD30 of a ......you guessed it a 30 day cycle!! I have Af like cramps for a couple of days now but the thing that I have noticed about this month is that normally I get noticeable spots on my face and chest but this month I have hardly had any - not even wee ones!!

I always start in the morning around 7.30am - so by now I would have started. I had a quick check of my cervix and its quite high and I have some white cm like lotion.

The only thing is that I have been using my CBFM and it did not pick up a peak this month so maybe I ovulated later than normal????

Think i will do test tomorrow afternoon if AF still hasn't shown her ugly face! PLEAE HIDE ME!!!!!

Will let you all know!!



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