CBFM - How many of us ...

are there on here that are/have used the CBFM? :\?

I'm going to be starting to use mine soon if the witch arrives next week.
Would be nice to see how many of us there are!

Also, how many successes have we had on here with people using the CBFM....

Love to hear from you all image


  • Lots of us. There is a part 3 of the cbfm thread because part 2 and 1 were getting so long! Hopefully see you on part 3 soon.
  • Hi VWGirl,

    I am on CD9 of using mine for the first month image x
  • Ladies, I got my BFP on my first month of using it, so I think it's fab!




  • **rainbow** when I read you BFP it was either just before my CBFM arrived or just after and I decided there and then that you were my inspiration :lol:

    Congrats again, all the best x
  • OMG well fingers crossed that if the witch does arrive for me next week that I will be as lucky on my 1st month image
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