Who's desperate to test????

Heya girlies just thought id ask who else is desperate to test before AF?
Im not due until around 9th july yet im convinced we've done it this month i feel 100% different than i usually do, peeing lots/sickness/dizzyness/strange feeling in my tummy and 'down there',sore boobs. I swear ive convinced myself, yet im trying not to test until nearer the time as a BFN would crush me!! I know they say to test 14 days post OV but not sure i can last that damn long!

whos with me??!!



  • I believe Saint Bertie (Mrs Takers) got one 4days early and so did littlep! i am now 6 days late tho and getting BFN!! Due to test again 2moz!
  • hmmm v interesting to hear that x
  • Me! Im desperate to test! Not due till next sat ov last friday! Resisting the urge, read on a post here that u can buy the first response kit that can tell u 6 days early but im not gonna get it im gonna wait! Im sure i convice myself everytime i feel a bit odd that im pregnant so cant wait to test! Its so dissapointing and heartbreaking when its negative and having to start all over again! Why cant us women ov once a week(but obvously stick to one period a month) haha!!xx
  • im due to poas on thursday 10th jul, and im sooooooooooo tempted do test now on first response but if its neg il just be wastin more money on tests!!! iv spent a small fortune already! i have had signs this month that i dont ever get before like lower dulling cramps and a high temp also a bit of acidy feeling possably heart burn but its all signs im trying not to read!
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