for those who have used CBFM and OPKs

i got a high this morning but have just got a really dark +OPK,? the lines on the monitor stick were the same so i would expect my peak tomorrrow maybe,

last time i used the monoitor i didnt use OPK but as i have loads i though i would do both this cycle, but surely i should have got a peak this am with such a stroh + this afty??


  • I think you will get your peak tomorrow!! I think cbfm are more accurate with the time scale than opks. With opks you can have a stronge positive for a few days so its hard to pin point ov!!
    Good luck hun, ive got a good feeling for you this month!! xxx
  • oooh i do hope so i got a reading done last week and she said late august looked good!
  • I really hope thats true for you hun!!
    Ive had to stop myself getting readings and doing that daft magic 8 ball thingy!! lol.
    I do believe in readings though by the right person!
    Fingers crossed for you! xxxx
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