Bye for now

As most of you know I had a mmc in feb and have been ttc since.
this last week has been so hard and i've been really struggling with my pma.
Last month we bd'd every other night and it just became a chore and was no fun.
I want our baby to be conceived through making love and not just through a chore.
I've had such a tough week that I think it's best if i leave this site for a wile and try to relax and have more fun.
The nursery door is now closed and although we are still ttc i'm going to back of for a bit and leave nature take it's course.
I'm still heartbroken over the loss of my baby and focusing on ttc is just making me realise how much I lost.:cry:
I hope to be back on here with good news before too long.
Good luck to everyone.:\)


  • oh hunny! Take as much time as you need, we'll be here when you are ready to come back to join us. Sorry for you loss. Enjoy you time with your oh & let nature take its
  • Luc, If you need someone to talk to just let me know. I have been seeing a councillor and have found it really helped. Never a days goes by when i dont think of the twins i have lost.
  • thanks guys
    what helps you to cope Emzyv?
    After the mc my family were great but now it's as if i shud jus move on and forget everyfin and i can't do dat.
  • Oh Luc, i am so sorry. i cannot offer advice as i have not been in your situation but can offer a cyber shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen if you need me or any of us. Good luck hun for the future and we'll be here if you decided to return. Take care Sxx
  • thanks slow
    can i have a cry on your shoulder!!
    just feeling so sad for the baby i lost and feel as if i'm never going to gt pg agen.
    gt pg last time in 1st mnth ttc. i know that i was lucky to gt pg that quick and i was so grateful
    i thought u were super fertile after a mc and yet i'm on mnth 3 ttc and still no bfp.
    I know i haven't been ttc for long but cos i was pg i'm now even more desperate fr a baby.
    one of the girls in work is back off maternity leave next week and i no all she is going to talk about is babies and whos pg!!
    just feel like my heart's broken and can't piece it back together at the mo
    Had a bad start to the week arguing wit oh and just feel so alone.
  • I really don't know if i am coping.
    I will never forget what i lost. My official due date was the 22nd april.
    Anniversary dates are so difficult.
    I planted 2 shrubs in my garden to remember my babies by.
    I know i never got to see them but they will always be a huge part of my life.
  • last month must have been so hard for you with the anniversary date.
    If you don't mind me asking-how far gone wereyou when you lost them?
    I bought a ring to remember my lo by and i wear it all the time.
    do you feel as if everybody just expects you to get on with things as if nothing has happened.
    I did start seeing a councilor but it wasn't much help so i stopped. I suffered from bad depression lst summer and seeing a councilor reminded me of that too much so I left it.
    Even though I have my ring to remind me of my baby I still don't feel that Iv'e put things to rest if you know what I mean.
    Sorry if I'm rambling just kept my feelings inside for last few weeks.
  • I was 11wks 5 days.
    Everyone told me after a m/c you are really fertile so why is it just not happening ?
    Our bodies are just so cruel.
    I know keeping your feelings just eats you up inside.
    Let me know if you want my email address and maybe we can get each other through this dark lonely tims.
  • yea that would be great.
    you can send me an e-mail through this site and then i will have your address too
    are you on msn?
  • i am not at the moment but i will set one up.
    My email is [email protected]
  • Iv'e just sent you an e-mail Emzyv
  • just wanted to say you are both very strong luc86 and emzyv the grieving process is different for everyone and you shouldnt feel rushed take your time i cant imagine what you've been through and are still going through xxx
  • You can both cry on my cyber shoulder any time. If i lived near any of you should could cry on my real one but i live in middle of nowhere!!!! As running4a3rd said you are both so strong and i hope that you can get through it with a happy healthy pregnancy one day and although nothing will ever replace your loss in time it will get easier i'm sure. Chin up girls and big cyber hug.
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