How will you tell family and friends...?


How do you think you will go about telling people when you get a bfp?

We will want to keep it a secret until the 12 week scan, but I know people will guess the second they see me ! I am terrible at keeping things to myself. I'll just have to stay away from everyone for 3 months lol.

What if someone asks you and you are planning to keep it a secret, do we just lie to their faces ?


  • I'm really bad at keeping things to myself too, I just get too excited lol!!

    My mum loves knitting, so I think with her I'm going to choose a knitting pattern I love with some wool and give it to her and say you need to start getting busy - she is dying for a grandchild, so I can't wait to tell her.

    Not sure how we'll tell hubbys parents, not sure he's really thought about it either. He wants to wait till 12 weeks to tell people too (NO WAY I can wait that long)

    My 2 best friends I'll probably tell straight away, but then other people we'll wait till we've had the 12 week scan.
  • We told my mum and dad by giving them a wrapped up baby grow and we had already said we would do christmas so gave the others an invite from the 'three of us'. ( i strongly advise against having so many people for christmas dinner with a young baby, far too much work and expense) but you get the idea lol x
  • I think people will know as id be so happy and keep touching my tummy!!

    I would want to keep it very secret until its safe, but i can imagine just telling people and them saying :
    oh yeah we'd been on the phone just saying we thought you were!!

  • We're not telling anyone until the 1`2week scan (sometime in February - fingers crossed), I'm 8+4. Not telling family is easy, MIL is wrapped up in her daugters pregnancy (first grandchild) and doesn't expect us to be pregnant as we're getting married in April (BFP arrived sooner than I thought it would!) so we're leaving it like that. We're hoping not to tell anyone until I start to show and after sil's baby has come so we don't take any of the attention away from her.

    I am struggling not to tell friends though, but currently worried that bean won't stick so I am being firm and not telling them until after the scan - espeically as one of them said I shouldn't be pregnant on my wedding day - ooops!!

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  • I worry about telling F&F, tee hee my mum keeps telling me she is too young to be a grandmother! I also worry how my dad would react as he would probably think i'm too young and need to establish my career. Ha - i think i will take them to the pub and tell them so they cant react badly.

    On the other hand - i got married in Aug, and my aunt has already started to knit us a blanket 'for when the time comes'!!!! i could use the other idea posted on here and buy her another pattern image

  • I am so worried about telling my dad and step mum as they will be so unhappy as were not married etc

    When i told MIL i was pg with my son she just said.... ok! and treated me as if i had done something really wrong coz she wants her daughter to have a child 1st

    and my bestfriend who is also SIL will be so unhappy and SO happy all the the same time... they have been ttc for 3 years and telling her it will make her sad but she will be happy coz she will be a aunt again

    I wont tell anyone till i have to ( wonder if i could just show them all the baby and they will have to be happy coz its here and all small and cute ) :lol: :lol: :lol: .... Defo after 12wk scan after 2 mc i wouldnt want to chance it.

    gems x
  • I dont really know...I would really like to wait until after the 12 week scan but I know I wont be able to get away with that with my closet friends...Just hope I get the chance to soon!

    Had such ideas of doing on Xmas day as I was late so is all seems a bit better to wait now, dont know why.

    Will just have to see...know the girls at work would be sooo excited. x x
  • Yummymummy I think that's a fab idea- my mum would love that and she sooo doesn't expect us to thinking of kids yet. I wouldn't want to tell anyone til 12 weeks but being a pe teacher i would have to tell my head of dept and i would also have to tell my sis as she has had severe health problems during her pregancies and so i would want to get all the info to tell my dr so i could get checked out. also me and dh go out with friends regularly for a few vinos and so it will be sooo obvious if im not drinking- starting to test out schloer to see if i can disguise my drinks lol
  • i want to keep it a secret until the 12 week scan - even from my parents and siblings etc..basically everyone but oh n dd. my dad still thinks im his little girl and telling him at 18 i was preg was enough fear for one lifetime :lol: im really worrying about how people will take the news because me and oh are quite young - we're going to be 22 and 23 this year - and its our 2nd child. my mum will be happy..ohs parents will be happy enough...i dont really get on with them too great but mil loves any excuse to stick her nose in so im sure she will be ecstatic x
  • For us with F&F I want to wait to as close to 12week scan as poss.

    My biggest concern is work tbh. Although I work in retail and have up to week 15 to tell them, because I do so much lifting and carrying of stock, I should tell them asap. and they put you on 'light duties' - which is obvious then to everyone, that ur up the dufF! But if it doesnt stick ill be mortified and will have people fussing over me at work which I hate. (I know that sounds weird)

    So I think I would just tell my 2 best friends that work at the same place and all 3 of us will try to keep it a secret from the bosses for as long as poss.
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