Well i had a really good birthday today. My OH took my mum, his mum and his (pregnant) sister out for a meal (our dads were working and we had all booked the day off image)

His sister is so small - like a size 6 small, she is due in March and atm a size 8 is still too big for her :O

We went to Frankie & Bennys and were having a lovely time and everything but then his sisters baby started kicking so she lifted her top up to show us - obv because she is so skinny you can see EVERYTHING, you could even see the babies toes!!!!

It just made me soooooooooooo jealous. No one knows we are trying as i dont want the pity if it takes so long or the lectures (mostly from my parents) about money etc.

I just ripped my heart out seeing it. She wants us to visit her house to see the babies room (all in pink) and everything and i feel such a bitch but i cant be happy for her!

I sound soooooooooooooo selfish but i have tried my very best and i just CANT be happy for her. I am dreading her having the baby and having to visit and everything!

Aaaarrrrgggghhhh image

Tink xx

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  • That must have been very hard for you tInk, you'll get your very own baby soon and you'll be the best mummy because you want it so much x
  • Awwwww! Sorry to hear this has upset you so much. It feels like everyone's having babies around us, doesn't it?!
    I can't help but always feel a bit jealous but I'm always so full of questions and curiosity and that kinda gives me hope cos I think of myself in the same situation as them..... soon...... I hope!!
  • Oh Tink that must have been really tough for you (((hugs))) I know what you mean about feeling like a [email protected] cause you can't be happy for OH sis, my SIL is pregnant 4 weeks behind what I would have been (if I hadn't MC'd in Sept) and even though I am now pregnant again I can't stand the thought of seeing her with her baby bump at Christmas and am yet to feel happy / excited for her. hang in there you'll get your lil baby soon xx
  • aww hun, it horrible aint it. i went through same type of thing recently it really tears at your heart. it will be your turn soon. big hugs and loads of baby dust.xxxx
  • Hi Tink,
    I can so sypathise with you there, but slightly different circumstances. You probably know my son was stillborn back in Sept, anyway my younger sister was pregnant at the same time as me. She had her baby about 3 weeks ago. I haven't even gone to visit her yet, it annoys me that she is 25 and this is her 5th baby (another accidental pregnancy), her and her partner are also on benefits, even more annoying. It just gets to me that my partner and I have got so much to offer, good jobs, nice home etc and yet its people like my sister who have no problem "spitting" out kids (sorry for the wording but it's how I feel!!)
    Obviously I don't know your oh's sisters circumstances, but i can see why you feel this way, it's just not fair!! But your time will come and like janejune said you will be a fantastic parent and your baby will mean so much to you!!
    Good luck with ttc, and I hope you didn't let your oh's sister spoil your birthday, ((((big hugs)))) xx
  • Sorry to hear ur feeling like this hun, big hug!!

    It is so difficult, after i had my ectopic I couldnt stand being around pregnant women!! Chin up hun, it will happen xx
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