AF Due Today...lost PMA...

Wel af is due today got sore heavy boobs and aching which is sign shes on her way tested fri which made me 4 days early and BFN so ive lost all PMA...

Im really sad though as i go away in 10 weeks so wanted to get caught this month so would be pass the sickness as i suffer really really bad, so if not then will have to leave ttc for a few months which really makes me sad : (

Sorry just really wanted this to be our month and had lots of PMA at the start but its not over till AF arrives ay! xxx

Is anyone else in the same boat? x


  • Hey Hun,
    Hope she's not arrived and you've got a shy bean. As you say its not over till af comes, so don't give up just yet. Don't be sad if you do have to give up for a while 10 weeks isn't that long and if you have an awesome relaxing holiday, it'll prob happen then.
    much love xxxx
  • I wass due AF today and have no symptoms...I am going to test in the morning if AF doesn't arrive over night. xxx
  • good luck everyone x
  • I know how you feel hun im due tomorrow and i did a test saturday morning and BFN so i too have lost all pma that its happened this month.
    Going to test again on 28th 4 days after af due...or if i really cant hold out i might do it tomorrow!! Just trying to hold onto any hope i guess!!!
  • hi good luck everyone AF still not arrived but really dont wana see a BFN...x
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