Scottish ttcers-dont know if this happens elsewhere?

Just noticed i thought it might seem weird to be saying Scottish people only!!teehee, i didnt mean it like that! Just not sure if this is an NHS thing or a SNHS thing if you see?!!

I was wondering what this was about...the whole Pregnant? Tell me campaign...

So would you not see your GP if you get a BFP? You'd only go if AF was late and you had symptoms, but maybe still getting BFNs?

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  • G/c as not in Scotland, but thats what it's like where I live in Derbyshire. I called the doctors when i first got pregnant last year and the receptionist advised that I didn't need to see the doctor and I was reffered straight to the midwife. I think I was 8 weeks when I saw her. I'll be seeing her just before I hit 7 weeks this time and I called her direct rather than going through the docs surgery again.
  • Same as dotty.
    I did see the dr just because i was a new patient in the area. He said he would contact midwife but he never did as he forgot! My midwife told me that if I fell pg again to go direct to her and not bother with the dr. I guess in Scotland they are just making ladies away of it by advertising it through the media.
  • Maybe its just happening everywhere and now Scotland has taken it up.

    Ive never been a Mummy but my friend is and she had to go to the Drs both times, so i think it must only have been taken up here.

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  • hi i didnt see my GP when i was pregnant as i knew they wouldnt do anything other than refer me to a midwife. if i thought something was wrong with the pregnancy i would see a GP though.
  • I'm in Scotland and I haven't seen my GP throughout this pregnancy and I'm 35 weeks. Phoned doctors surgery, told them I had a positive pregnancy test and they just made me appointment with midwife.
  • I wonder if maybe there were too many people going to the Drs when it was strong lines? Maybe thats it?

    It would make sense as i think she was in denial!!

    I saw the posters everywhere...but then i got cross as i kept answering NO!!
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