7 days late and still NEGATIVE! HELP!

Can anyone please offer me any hope/advice? Last period was May 17th to May 22nd, came off pill
In November and fell into a regular 30/31 day cycle. Perios should have been due 17th june and still no period (I have never been
Late before and am more likely to bleed longer than less or not at all) have done 3 tests over last few days and
All are negative ... Any advice?


  • how annoying! i spose no af is a good sign tho? any sysmptoms? have u been using cheappy pg tests or cbd/fr? have u been doing it with fmu? oooo i hope this is it for you!
  • i am 3 weeks late!! Sometimes your body just messes up a bit i think. Ive done tests and neg so just a waiting game x
  • how do you all cope with this? i have never had a late period in my life and i feel light headed and getting cramps and sore legs but i have no discharge which i usually get for at least a few days before my period comes ......aaaargh this is so frustrating
  • they do say it isnt over til af shows up! You just have to wait for it hun, our bodies can play tricks on us some times. Im gonna go docs soon just to make sure everything is ok xx
  • goodl uck to both of u! fingers crossed x
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