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CYCLOGEST? keeps lining of womb thick

hi girls my friend who had recurrant MCs told me that she was prescribed cyclogest and she had to use it everyday for 12 days from early pregnancy......thing is i cant get this can i if i have had 2 MCs.

has anyone else taken this,heard of this......aswell has anyone seen a private obstetrician after 2 MCs?

im worried that if i get PG again that ill MC again ,i dont want to go thro that so that then theylll start investigating!!



  • Hi Hun,

    My friend took this as one of her meds when her & her partner had icsi. I cant remember what it was for but i'd be happy to ask her & update you later xxx
  • hi laura are you feeling?

    my friend had ICSI also and she said its progesterone,it keeps the lining of the womb thick so better chance of implantation.....also im thinking about just going ahead and taking aspirin,im on no other meds and in good health...would it help to take it?

  • Hi Hun,

    My symptoms are really kicking in, tired, nausea, sore boobs, grumpy you name it i've got it LOL.

    Yes that sounds right she had all her other meds & this was in pessary form that she had after the eggs were put back I think. I wondered about this too Clare the whole point of us relaxing was cause we had the gynae appt & I wanted to ask all these questions!! I've still got appt as gp told me to still see them so still gona ask cause I was worried about producing enough progesterone!! You could take baby aspirin I suppose I cant see it would do any harm, i'll update you when I've been to my appt nxt mon & see what they say xxxx
  • Hi, I've also been prescribed cyclogest and aspirin once daily aftter I had my 2nd mc by the female Doc that attended to me. She recommended that once I discover I'm pregnant again I should use both daily, cyclogest for the first 4mths and aspirin till delivery. 

    I pray that all with work out positively this time.


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