sooo excited

hi everyone just thought i would write a little bit about me... me and my boyfriend of nearly of 5 years have now decided to start trying for a baby i have come off my pill and now on my period so as soon as i come off it where going to start trying and may i be the first to say how excited i am cannot wait!!! its all i can think and talk about
anyway thought i would say hi and will keep any1 whos interested updated
image image xxxx


  • Aww, it is so exciting isn't it?!

    Welcome for TFAB, and I hope (in the nicest way!) that you won't be here for long.

    Hugs, Hannah xx
  • aww thanks image yes it is i wish i could be pregnant now n not have to do the waiting game but have promised boyfriend will try n stay sane over it haha!! and i promised myself i wont do my first test til end of june dont want to knock my confidence by negative tests and also making him pick me some folic acid tabs up when he finishes work see if that does anything image xxx
  • Hi hun,

    Welcome and enjoy!!
  • helo! Im a newbie too, and also recently come off the pill (March) so I guess we are kinda in a similar boat x
  • aww hope it happens soon for you image let me know if u find anything out, i will do the same image xx
  • hi girls just a quick update period over so officially ttc image think i may have had some spotting today well hope so but dont wana get my hopes up 2 soon how early would you say i can do a test my period isnt due for another 3 weeks cant stand waiting though haha xxx
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