FAO everyone

im sorry if you feel what has went on has ruined the ttc board and it was in no way my intention to cause what went on and in the manner it did

im not sorry for what i had said tho just the outcome of it all

ive been here for a very long time and have never once caused and arguement,im usually the life and soul of it because i agree that it being a happy supportive place helps all us ladies esp when we have nobody else to chat to about it

so lets just get it back to how it used to be or how it should be,TTC is not known for this and never should x

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  • grudie you have not done anything wrong! you shouldnt feel you have to apologise as you didnt start anything or cause any offense, as far as i can tell!
  • It's a shame that you feel you've had to apologise.

    What has happened hasn't changed the way I'll use this forum. I will always come for support and I enjoy the banter that usually goes on, as it's usually all good natured.

    I could go on, but think it all needs to be put to bed now.

    Baby dust to all x x
  • hun, dont feel you need to apologise, as you said its time to put it all behind us and start again. get backto our supportive forum.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • thats great ladies i just felt the need to say that it was not my intention to start a disagrement

    as i said i stick by what i said or else i would have said it

    **Calleigh** chick i just felt the need to say it to everyone who feels that it has affected the forum

    so back to the norm ladies...shame its not the same for the friday's firty topic that would have went down better i think lol x
  • oh debbie hun i hope you no even at a virtual one i still consider you a good friend,youve been very supportive of me over our time..ok dont make me cry lol

    oh and you canny talk about stuff revieled lol i no your secrets pmsl :lol:
  • i cant even count on 1 hand how supportive ladies on here have been to me

    so in respect to another post id like to say thank you to you all for the support you have gievn me...even those who have given birth have and stil are very supportive so na lol :lol:

    too much wine??
  • ah il join in lol x
  • I'm going to join in too(with the hug and my twopenneth). Haven't read much of the 'other' post-can't be arsed with the arguing- but wanted to say how supportive you have always been Grudie. Oh and I miss fridays dirty topic too!!!
  • I'm with you H! Bring back Fridays Dirty Topic!!

    Grudie I always remember your name from when I was just browsing the site hun and there were many times that your mad topics had me laughing out loud and there were times when your sweet, caring and supportive messages to other ladies had me in tears! I think you have always been a great asset to this forum!
  • me too. xxxxxxx
  • aww bless you BB and you helen xx

    i no how hard it is so i would do anything to help ladies take their mind off it all i dont personally hate anyone im even like that in the real world lol sometimes my hubby says in too good just my nature and well the argumentive side is being a jock image
  • Hey sweetie, don't feel bad! Loves ya! xxx
  • G/C

    LOL but had to say keep it up ladies you all helped me on my 1 year ttc and im alwys checking in on you oldies in the hope of a BFP.

    Much love to you all xx
    Toyah 19+6 xx
  • oh big hug from me too - toby sends sloppy poopy kisses also x x
  • Hey sweetie
    I just want to say no matter what happens on here rememeber yiu are the most supportive person on here. Without you me and a lot of others would not have made It through the trauma of ttc, you actually made it quite enjoyable. You are always genuinly happy when one of us was lucky to get our bfp where others show jealously.l personally would not have stuck around if it wasn't for you, your like an angel in disguise in the ttc forum.
    Massive hugs from me and big windy grins from Oliver
  • Awww, love a group hug!!

    Emma's right, you are an angel in disguise.

    Big up the G'ster!xxxx
  • Grudie I couldnt agree with what the girls have said any more. You are an amazing person - one that I think has helped us all our personally in one way or another.


  • awww ladies thank you

    thats what were all here for tho isnt it to help out and be there and not just for the time you spend in ttc

    im glad that you all no if you need a chat.whinge or what ever im here or on Fb lol you no where to get me image x
  • Rudie Grudie!!!

    Agree with the other girls your always so lovely & supportive & it's nice that we all support & look out for eachother even though so many have moved forums.

    I do miss the old days over here with fridays dirty topic always a good end of the week pick me up LOL xxx
  • oooooo can i join in too.

    i didn't really get involved in any of it but wen i did read i was fairly shocked by what was happening, i don't think u need to apologise at all grudie. u did nothing wrong.

    i've been coming on here on and off for about a year and there a few ladies who have been here since i joined and grudie i believe ur one of them, inc helen and debbie and you have all been so supportive of everyone.

    lets get back to the way we were, no bullshit, jus a sanctuary where we all need to come and chat and have a laugh with each other.

    i think i missed fridays dirty topics, but lets begin that cos it sounds fun

    han xx
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