Any Cycle Buddies??

Hi I am on CD15 of a 35 day cycle due to test around 22 Dec, do I have any buddies so that we can help each other through the slow and painful process and also pick each other up when we are down?

Dust to all xx


  • Hey Sparkling Diamond!!! Well I am only on CD6 but I have a 26 day cycle so am due to test on Dec 21st!! So we can definitely get each other through this - and then celebrate our Christmas BFPs together!!!.x.
  • Hi! I am CD14 - AF due 22nd Dec imageReally hoping for my Christmas Bean!!
    Good luck to you both
  • Hi I am CD8 and Af due around the 22nd if I go by my last cycle...fingers and toes crossed for everyone! oh and lots and lots of baby dust! x
  • Hi,
    I'm on CD 10 of a 29 day cycle, AF due on the 19th so I'm with you!! Good luck ladies x

  • Thanks huns nice to have people to get through it with am finding it quite hard too, so much to understand and take in!! and I just want my BFP!!! xx
  • Hay i am only cd5 but also due af about 24th image

    Good Luck hun xx

    Month 16 TTC #2
  • I am on CD16 and af is due around 14th Dec. I had my first real af last month so hoping i am still 28 day cycle from before I went on the evil pill!!
  • i am on CD8 of a 28 day cycle... so AF due on 21st.... we can get our BFPs together
  • Hi Sparkly

    I'm not totally a cycle buddy as my last af was early (first time EVER!), so that has put me a bit out of whack. I THINK I will af again in a couple of weeks, then we will start officially ttc, and I imagine I will end up testing right at the end of December. So not entirely in sync with you, but I would love to keep you company anyway!!

  • Your more than welcome Sara good luck to us all testing for xmas puddings then xx
  • Hey girls, I am only CD4 of 29 day cycle so will hold out till the 30th to test! Baby dust to all of us!!! we want a xmas bean!!!1
  • Hi,

    I'm cd21, with af due on 11th December, so nearest buddy to Charlotteb2b. I really want to poas now (7dpo) despite knowing it'll be bfn, but being strong.

    Christmas wishes for a December bean for us all
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