London meet - who could make it please read

Please do not kill me but i can't make it ;-( I have been asked to attend a meeting that is out of london on friday and have NO idea what time i am going to be back in london so don;t want to say I will be there at 6 if i can't be??

i am soooooo sorry!!

k xxx


  • Ok forget that - they have told me I might not need to go but instead can leave work tomorrow at 4pm as there will be nobody here??

    If I leave at 4pm as everybody else will be gone I will have to wait around for two hours??

    K xx
  • Hi K-Lou, I said yesterday that I would confirm today. I'm having tomorrow off so I won't be able to make it. Leave at 4 tomorrow, nothing like escaping the city early on a bank holiday weekend!!
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