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uncomfortable feeling below tummy

Hi all,

Ive had an uncomfortable feeling today under my tummy to the right, i dont know how to explain it really, it doesnt hurt but im aware of it if that makes sense. Any ideas what it could be?? Anyone else had this?

Thanks - Kate xx


  • what cycle day are you on?

    I had that last week when i was just entering into my 1WW it was so bad i had to go to the Doctors as i thought my appendix was playing up but he couldnt tell me anything. AF is expected on Thursday.

    hope its ok image

  • Hi, Im on CD14 - this is my first cycle since having the implant out so not really sure when AF is due - r u still experiencing it now? xx
  • Hi,
    Could be OV pain? I get this, it usually happens on the side you're oving from that month. It's called mittelschmerz if you wanted to look it up.
  • i was already past oving and i had had that the week before. i am in not really in that much pain any more so we will have to see how things go.

  • I did get it the other day too and looked it up then, I assumed that was OV as i also had discharge - mmmm i dunno, prob just over thinking EVERYTHING cos im ttc lol xxxx
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