fao fergy

hey hun,how are you.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • ooh, spooky! Just replied to your post!! See my reply for how I am..... lol! xxx
  • i just replied to that one as well.lol. maybe good just to chill and wait for the test results. you never know it could happen when your not trying. im going to docs if i dont get my bfp this month. i am so much pain at ov time, hubby is freaking, says it shouldnt be so painful.xxx
  • sorry its painful, cant be nice for you at all. Fingers crossed its your last 2ww!!!

    I'm convinced I have PCOS but just need to wait to see i spose. doc was confident af wold come soon, but thought i shouldn't worry about temp or ov sticks as it might be an anovulatory cycle so wouldn't see any change anyway.

    Ho hum, just wait and see - fed up with putting life on hold! Booked our hol to chicago today though - yay!!!

    Any word from mrs til of late?
  • no, no word!!!

    think chilling will do you some good. i didnt take my temp this month although when my ov pain had went on for over a week i took temp till temp rose then stopped again. said i wouldnt take the relaxed approach again but im starting to think differently. maybe give it a go next month again.xxx

    ooh chicago sounds fab, you shouldnt put your life on hold. these things usually happen when you have things planned.lol.xxxx

    really hope your results are good or at least something they can sort for you quickly.xxx
  • yeah, I know, I think the less I stress the better so either it will make time go quick til next af and then tests, or I'll be chilled and ready for a bfp!

    Can't believe how quick time goes by generally though, when you look at the 'due in' forums and see people from ttc having babies!

  • yeah i know. i never think ive been on here for that long but even though we havent had as many cycles i have been trying since may. who'd have thought ttc would be so hard, when we all got the warning at school " it only takes once".lol.xxx
  • lol indeed - if only!

    Off to bed now, looking forward to a long lie while hubby gets up to support Murray!

  • lol, me too off in a minute. not much chance of a long though.lol. thats unless hubby decides to be nice a get up with lo.xxxx
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