Waiting game even b4 ttc!!

I wish i was even at the trying stage, for various reason we agreed (well I reluctanctly agreed) to wait until the end of the year. Workwise and financially it will be loads better but I feel like I am ttc now im so excited(even though still on pill) all friends and family preggers and making me even more broody.

Did anyone else have the waiting game even before ttc?

Has anyones OH told them to 'stop with the baby talk, your time will come?' haha


  • hello and welcome to BE!!!
    I've not really had a waiting game but didn't want to read and run......from our point of view the 'right' time would never have come as we're always planning hols and outings etc with friends...mainly involving alcohol!!
    so we decided to TTC as soon as we got married last year...9 months later we're still TTC ...so just wanted to say it can take longer than you initially expect...a number of the ladies on here will vouch for that too!! it's especially hard when people around you keep getting their BFP!

    Im sure it won't be a problem for you tho - all the best and look forward to seeing you on here more regularly!!xxx
  • Hi Lady K - I know what you mean!
    That was me a few months ago. Hubby wanted to wait until after the wedding before TTC and I was desperate to start trying.
    I got the "ur time will come" and "just be patient" - I wasnt at all, but my time has come and we are now TTC.
    Trust me, the time flys!
  • I'm in the same boat, we decided at christmas that once our house was built we would start ttc (this should be christmas this year) cos I'm 35 this and don't want to leave it any later, anyway I came off the pill in january in preparation and now I just want to get on with it but OH keeps saying it's not the right time, wait till we get in the house etc but now I'm panicking incase itdoesn't happen straight away!! I'm soo broody it's unreal and getting worse. We didn't use any protection last night and I'm due to OV in the next couple of days so I'm secretly hoping I could get caught this month. fingers crossed!!
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