CD17 and VERY happy!!!

CD17 and got my smiley today!!image so looks like my test day will b around 1st of april. am feeling very pleased about this, any1 would think i got my BFP when all it really was is my BFSmiley!!!!
hows are we all doing???

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  • I love getting the smiley!!
    POAS can be fun!

  • Hi Sally881, I also got a smiley this morning (CD15) and was so excited!! It is would think I had a BFP! I think it's just nice to know that you're ovulating and that you're going to BD at the right time! Looks like we'll be testing at the same time! xo
  • yey i have a testing buddy!!! its was quite funny as i was jumping around the bedroom at 6 this morning telling OH i had my peak, im sure he thought i was just a wierdo!! lol. well we BD last night and will tonight but then that may be it for two nights due to OH work so im just hoping it will work!!! happy BDing hun!!!
  • LOL i know what you mean, nothing like getting so excited about releasing an egg! :lol: People who arent TTC would think we were weird.

    Im glad your finally ovulating, Make the most of it while you can ;\)
    I thought id be the one who got tired, what a shock i got, it was hubby who got tired!

    This waiting for the hpt testing day feels so long, My testing day is 30th march, if my cycle was to be 28 day cycle.

    *Baby Dust*


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  • You're so like me! I didn't test until 7am but hubby was still in bed as he's off work today and I came bouncing in to tell him I have ny smiley!! We'll BD tonight and tomorrow and then he's away for the weekend...fingers crossed for us both!!! xo
  • oh its very exciting isnt it, get so much PMA when i get my smiley... hope it lasts!!!!! xx
  • I know, this is part of the problem. Last month I had a PMA and was convinced symptoms I was having were pregnancy symptoms...then the AF comes along and it's so disappointing...such a roller coaster of emotions!! xo
  • iv not been too bad as i never have the symptom spotting problem, i never have period pains and if i do they r very mild, i never get sore boobs or feel bloated. in a way i guess this is a good thing as if i do ever get any of these things it may lead to my BFP.
    how long have you been ttc for rainbow?? xx
  • This is our 3rd month but only second month really planning carefully with OPk etc. I don't normally get sore boobs and had killer sore boobs last month, I was honestly convinced I was pregnant and then AF came so i've decided to wait until fri 2nd april to test this time (if AF hasn't already come) and not read into ANY symptoms I may have!

    What about you, how long you been TTC? have you any other children? This will be our first xo
  • we have been trying since last september, although i dont really count september as that was my first month off the pill. i began with 27 day cycles and now there at 30/31 days, they seem to b getting longer which is very annoying!! seems like it is taking 4ever and feels as tho it will never happen.
    this will b our first, had a miscarraige 2 months ago and also had one a year and a half ago, just hope this dont mean there i something wrong with me! xx

    just sitting here eating me pasta and strangly enuf notied mild period like pains, guess these could be due to ovulation??

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  • hi hope you dont mind me g/c im on cd 19 i usually have a 28 day cycle which would mean im due to test 26th march but last 2 cycles have been 35 days so af could be due 2nd apr, so would i be able to join you lovely ladies in testing?

    i have a 5 year old son and have been ttc for 2 months xxx
  • hi hope you dont mind me g/c im on cd 19 i usually have a 28 day cycle which would mean im due to test 26th march but last 2 cycles have been 35 days so af could be due 2nd apr, so would i be able to join you lovely ladies in testing?

    i have a 5 year old son and have been ttc for 2 months xxx
  • excellent another testing buddy!! i will b testing on either the 1st or 2nd of april, and i have PROMISED myself i will NOT be testing early this month!!!!
    ****Babydust to All****
  • Hi Kimlou! I see you've joined the rude veg crew! I'm also gonna hold off testing until 2nd april (if AF hasn't come by then)! Lovely to meet you xo image
  • I'm CD16 and got my positive OPK today!!

    I'll be testing on the 1st or 2nd April if AF doesn't show...good luck to everyone xxx
  • yeah joined in rude veg group as it looked fun ha!
    i was also testing early last month as felt very positive id done it and had endless BFN i will not be doing that this month if it happens it happens i say. good luck and baby dust to all xxxx
  • Hello everyone

    Im new to trying for a baby message board after posting in December when I miscarried. Am on CD11 and no smiley yet. Thought I was pregnant early in the month but AF and was so low but picked up after a day or so. Im so pleased to here you all so positive and seemingly sharing my highs and lows so heres to sticky beans for us all!
  • well dont no if it will b my month, got my smiley yesterday (18th) and BD the night b4 the morning i got smiley and lastnight, wont we able to BD 2nite tho as hubby is working, knowing my luck i will miss my ovulation now!!! image
    ***Babydust to All***
  • hi ladies, i'm cd17 today and my cm beginning to change over the last 3 days so hoping nows about the right time, bd'd on cd11, cd13, cd15 and hopefully tonight (altho am rather tired lol) and then a few more times yet too just in case. i'm also testing 2nd april, cd31 (altho have no idea how long my cycle will be as so far ranging from 31-45days) wld be 1st april, but i'm not testing on april fools day lol.

    best of luck xx
  • Buddies!!!!
    CD 16 today and pretty sure got a positive ov test tonight. Yay!! ALthough if cycles are only 255-28 days long am worried luteal phase is too short.
    Month 2 ttc baby no 2.
    Feeling more relaxed this month (althoug will prob be manic in run up to af time!!)
    If can I would like to hold off testing until 31st/1st April
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