Hey girls I'm back!!!

Hi all,

I'm back after about a two and a half week break. Did ya all miss me?? My exams went kinda ok but I'll have to wait unitl July to find out. Have I missed any big news?

I think the break from the site has done me good - it also allowed me to revise a little!! I'm CD12 and awaiting my peak on my CBFM on CD 16 - hopefully if last month is anything to go by. My DH has decided he is goin to take things a bit more serious this month and we are goin to BD every other day - only he went and hurt his back last night!!!

We decided to lighten things up a bit and we took a trip to Ann Summers. Bought some nice and sexy undies so hopefully if we relax things might happen - here's hoping!!

Any way - please fill me in on any news - any BFPs i have missed!!

Glad to be back girls!



  • Welcome back Emerald18. I'm heading into month 3, June will be the month for me! (See that PMA?!) xx
  • Welcome back hun! This is our first month trying after mmc and Im due AF tues 10th I think but think I will test next sun/mon!
  • Welcome back! Ann Summers should do the trick! x
  • Hello lovely! I missed you, hope the exams went okay image

    I'm on cd11, really want to BD but feel like poo image OV should be on Tuesday, so I need to get some more BD'ing done quickly!!

    Good luck chick x x
  • Welcome back, hope the exams went well. If oh back is bad you'll have to be on top-you cant waste a month lol!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck!xx
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