two positive test and one negative??

hi everyone, just wanted to get some advice i am over a week late and on sat did a pregnancy test and it came back positive. then last night i started to get some bleeding, so i did a another test first thing this morning and it showed positive again so i went docs as i was worried about bleeding, he sent me to the hosp and they did a test and it showed negative, they sent me home and said im not pregnant there test are never wrong! the bleeding has stopped and now there is a brown discharge. Has anyone got any advice?



  • i was always led to think u cant get false pos but u cant neg. have u tested again since going hospital? xx
  • thats what i thought, he told me not too. he said leave for a week or two!!!. im just worried about the bleeding and my hopes were so built up
  • Do another test at home, most of the home tests are more sensitive than the hospital ones.......... if it is positive then you are PG and dont let them tell you any different. It could be that you have had a chemical pregnancy, but I would do another test at home to see what s happening. Good Luck x
  • if i was in ur situation i would have to do another one myself - im too impatient! lol. really hope u get the bfp xxx
  • summertime, I think you might of had what is called chemical pregnancy. It is not uncommon at all. It is usually how you described it positive, followed by a negative in a few days time..
    It is not unusual to happen but it is only because of testing that you'd know about it, otherwise you'd assume it is a period..
    Sorry about that, and how insensitive from the hospital..
    Hope you are ok
  • Oh just realised you've had another positive..I thought you've had pos followed by negative..

    In that case like the girls have said test again. It is well known that the tests used in hospitals are not as sensitive as the hpts..
    Sorry about my first reply! Hope I have not upset you image
    Wish you well and good luck!
  • thanks for all your responses, i think i will test again in the morning. Naturelle you havn't upset me at all i have just looked at what a chemical pregnancy is as i never heard of it before. i have to keep an open mind as i don't want to keep thinking i am pregnant. but i had a pos on sat and one this morning but at hosp this afternoon neg? so maybe i have had a chemical pregnancy.
  • hi ive had positive home tests and then negative from doctors plus spotting and brown discharge and still had a baby to prove them wrong hope this is it for you xx
  • keep us posted hun, and good luck xxx
  • Hi hun

    I was in same situation last month I had quite a few faint lines on FRER and then a BFP on Predictor test they are 12.5 m/lu so very sensitive, docs sent a urine sample off to the lab and I had a level of 25 m/lu at 10 dpo but yet they said it was negative but I was always led to believe on google/net/here that anything over 5 m/lu is pregnant.

    I did start bleeding a few days later and had a chemical pregnancy but dont be fobbed off by the dr's as I was so upset when they said I was never pregnant.

    I later found out that they test for 50 m/lu at our hospital so your hospital will be set by same standard and test for 50 m/lu anythin below they will class as negative.

    If you wait a few days your levels should rise and you should be a more definate line, what test did you use and how sensitive is it?

    Good luck and hope yours goes the opposite of mine and that you get a BFP.

  • thanks everyone i will do. im defo going to do another one in the morning fingers crossed!!

  • Fingers crossed hun, did they test for a positive/negative result or do the level of hcg quantitative test?

    Unfortunately it is just a waiting game, try and get a Superdrug test or First Response as they are really sensitive.

    Good luck and will look forward to your BFP post tomorrow, prove them Dr's wrong!!

  • Morning all,

    i did a test this morning first response and it was positive!! at the hosp they just did a pos/negative test. i have not had any more bleeding just this light brown discharge sorry i know its TMI!!. Shall i just wait now and see? i have two boys and i had none of of this with them so i really don't know what to do?

    sparkling diamond i felt awful yesterday when the doctors was like your not pregnant he said if you was then your not know, how rude and upsetting.
  • Congratulations! Well done.. From what I've read I think some ladies have this in the very begining of the pregnancy, but maybe book to see your gp just for reassurance...

    Good luck and keep us posted
  • congrats image
    i agree with Naturelle - book in to see ur gp image

    good luck - keep us postd xx
  • Thats rubbish hun you are preg is the line a really strong one?? congrats hun, do a CBD and put your mind at rest.

    I would ask your dr to do a hcg blood test as that will definately come back positive if your urine is testing positive.

    Good luck and keep us posted image

  • went to the epu centre this morning they can't do a scan until tuesday. she did a pregancy test and it it came back positive but it was a faint line, she said "it could be the last of it" i have not had any more bleeding since the monday. so i guess i just have to wait! its torture.
  • So sorry hun try and stay positive have you got a CBD to work yet?

    I got faint lines about 15 of them last month and then a more definate line and announced my BFP on here waited a week and no pos CBD and I started to bleed it wasnt heavy or anything just like AF but still its heartbreaking.

    I hope the news is positive for you, they should do a HCG blood test to check your levels.

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