18 DPO and weird spotting


Im on 18 DPO and for the last few days ive had weird pink/peachy coloured cm, not sure whether to class it as cm as its so watery, its as if its my urine when i wipe it on toilet paper. Could it be this implantation? 18 DPO seems late, its been catching on my underwear too.

As ive got this interview this week, im in 2 minds whether i want to be pg or not. Its annoying coz i want to be excited about it, but im not, ive been feeling so down and depressed lately, if finances werent a problem i would go ahead and not worry about getting pg whilst starting a new job. (hopefully starting image)
I was looking for a new job for a while but its only recently a suitable post popped up and im taking advantage of it whilst TTC, whether its a stupid idea i dont know.

But anyways does this cm sound good? :\) Last cycle was 21 days, now on cd 27 with no sign of the AF, had cramping round CD 21 but no bleeding, or spotting whatsoever and since i finished pill 12 months ago ive started spotting before the full flow and ive had nothing.

Had faint lines on SD and FRER but not sure if they appeared in time or not. Ive had evaps from SD before but i still love them.



  • hiya, sounds good to me image maybe u ov'd late? how exciting! good luck weds, and keep us posted about ur spotting, maybe test in 3-4 days? xxxxx
  • Hi MPP

    Sounds good to me if your AF is late then try a CBD and see the words woo hoo.

    Am so excited, hope this is it for you, good luck for tomorrow

  • Im gonna leave it a few days, as it turned to blood abit today but only spotting and then it went to dark brown. Its strange as normally im bloated when im on AF. Im not bloated and my cp is still high and closed.
    Sorry to sound thick but how can i have this spotting/cm when cervix is closed? or am i having a blonde moment?

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