2ww anyone??

i'm on 3dpo so officially in the 2ww! anyone with me and want to join me in a couple of weeks of impatience and ssing?xxx


  • me, me, me!!! This is my first try and am 1DPO
  • Hey I just got my positive OPKs on Sat and Sun so I suppose I will be on my 2ww about wednesday ish.
    Grr hate it lol!!
  • oooh me too... kind of!
    Had mc 23rd dec and had really strong ov pains 10 days later (which is right for my cycle) so we took a chance! Testing at the weekend if AF not here yet.
    I have major sore boobs but get that with AF anyway so I'm not expecting to get BFP especially so soon but you never know - I fell within 2 months 3 times so....

    Babydust to all of us!
  • I'm 6 dpo today and ss like crazy!!

    Tonight I've got shooting pains in my (.)(.) and back :\(

    Up until today I've had cramps which have now turned into a 'pulled muscle' feeling :cry:
  • i'm with you snugglenush the 2ww is rubbish!! though to be honest i'm feeling fine at the moment coz i'm still at the excited-that-i-might-be-pregnant stage rather tha the going-crazy-with-impatients stage! and i have know symptoms to spot but at 3dpo thats not exactly a surprise!seraphina i'm really sorry to hear that, hope you're doing ok xxx
  • Ergh bored of it already lol!! I think I am OV today - hubby on a late shift so waiting up to get some extra BD in (bd sat and sun) hehe. I really hope its this month only so I don't have to go through another 2ww!!!
    How is everyone else doing?
  • Arrrrggggggg!

    Fallen out with hubby tonight as he has NO CHOCOLATE FREAKIN HOBNOBS!!!!

    So I guess you could say 'irritable'?!?! lol

  • Hey ladies, just wondered how you start the 2WW? I started by thinking there is no way that we managed to get PG on our first month of trying, but since falling asleep at 9.30 last night and feeling a bit sicky this morning I'm alternating between thinking OMG we might have done it, and telling myself I'm being stupid and imagining things.

    Just wondered how you usually feel about things?
  • I'm just about with you!! I'm OV today hopefully, i'm on CD16. Although a little confused as had chem preg / mc last month and period was 9 days late, however i got a positive OPK and ewcm on the date I should have OV'd if period had arrived on time, if you know what I mean??? Anyway, if my cycle went back to normal straight away then i should ov today, but who know's i could be 8dpo. It's all so confusing!! Although I'm not hopeful this month :\(
    Good luck ladies, hope there's lots of BFP's in this thread!! :lol: xx

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  • I'm all about PMA!

    Am 14DPO and no sign of AF, so I'm happy and slightly anxious! Shouldn't speak too soon, touch wood, fingers crossed and all that stuff.

    Am trying to give it a while so I don't upset myself with any false positives, chem pregs etc. so have decided I will test next saturday (23rd) - hope I can wait that long!!

    Lots of PMA for you all and your 2ww's!! x
  • hi hun im 2dpo, cd20 of 30 so i hear ya!
  • Oooh good luck Amber x
  • I'm about 8DPO, AF due 22nd Jan (but hoping it doesn't arrive!!!). Zx
  • Thanks Yummy_Mummy_2be, will report back any news!! Good luck this month x
  • i'm about 8DPO, AF due around 20th Jan, had very strange things goin on this month, massively sore boobs since about 4dpo and on/off like af cramps since this point too, so so tired n irritable but thats a fairly normal feeling every day (hahah), fingers crossed she doesn't find me this month
    good luck everyone xx
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