Hi Ya!!

Hi Everyone,

I am new here so thought I would introduce myself.

I got married 3 months ago to my high school sweetheart, we have been together 10 years nearly. I am 23 years old and me and hubby have been TTC ever since we have been married. Before we had the opinion if it happened it happened but unfortunately so far it hasn't.

This will be our first and I cannot wait.

Hubby has been doing loads of research into diet, vitamins etc. He was ill over the weekend and apologised because I shoud have been ovuating - bless him. I didn't know he knew everythng.

Anyway, that is me and I can't wait to share this magical journey with you all (even though it if kinda fustrating as well.

Love Me


  • Hi Princess,
    I'm new here too, this will be our 1st month TTC.
    Fingers crossed we get our BFP's soon x
  • Welcome Princess, look forward to chatting to you and hopefully sharing in our BFP's!
    Mrs H xxx
  • Hi Princess,

    Welcome to BE. Liking the sound of your hubby for being so clued up image Can I borrow him to train my OH :lol:

    Hope you have a short but sweet stay here in TTC x
  • Welcome to the mad house that is TTC image
    Hope you will have a nice(and short)stay


    LOL BB for trying to hire princess hubby LOL
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