cd 1 anyone??

Anyone want a cycle buddy? X


  • hello im new to this site this is only my 2nd post,but im on cd1 too would happily be your buddyWould be nice to have some support and advice too.Holly x
  • Hi Holly just read ur introduction post. Hubby and I are also ttc no2. We have a little girl who will be 1 on Tuesday so hoping for a small age gap! I came off the pill so am glad af has arrived quite quickly. X
  • Yeah. I am CD 3 so very near!
  • Hi I'm cd 1 today would love to join
  • From the feel of it I will be joining you girls later today!! Am really pleased actually, as wasn't able to try this month as dh was away. Means I'm back in the running again for next month! Just want af to arrive now so we can get back into the swing of things :\)
  • Hi ladies. Glad I'm not alone!! Does anyone have an idea when they'll be testing?
  • sadly joining you on cd 1 too. Month 2 of ttc number 2..hmm feeling sad x
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