The witch has got me......

but for once I dont mind cos it means I can get psd at work xmas night out this Friday and also on Christmas!! Oh and my birthday at the end of the month!! WOO HOO!!

Roll on 2010 for the next round of TTC....ding ding image



  • Nice that you have got lots of PMA bryony. I hope 2010 brings us all our much longed for BFP's image But in the meantime those of us that can should enjoy being able to blame xmas and get pished lots for the next week or 2 :lol: xx
  • you big pisshead :lol: good on you jock lol

    how you doing B? x
  • yup, im a pisshead and im a jock so there is no hope in hell im gonna be sober this xmas/birthday or new year lol!!

    i am actually a teeny wee bit disappointed although it wasnt expexted as my hubby had the manflu and it basically would have been an immaculate conception if it had happened as we only bd once.

    Definitely hope 2010 brings us all those BFP's, hopefully after a relaxed (and alcoholic) xmas I will be refreshed and raring to go come Jan lol.

    Hi Grudie, Im not bad....still not organised for xmas, still not got the tree up lol....try and put it up tomorrow nite, its a massive 7ft tree so that is gonna be fun especially with 3 maniac cats about lol!! Hows are you doing?? Keeping out of mischief?? xx
  • :lol: me...out of mischeif....never lol

    get that treee up or il be round doing it for you lol mine too ages an i still cant find my fairy,we have to hide it from me cats as its got feathers and they try eat it lol

    2010 chick you and me BFP's think weve been trying too long now

    i dont even no what cd im on,mainly coz were not ttc the now like lol but i havnt got any indication of anything at the moment,just when i will be on the sauce haha

    we bought lennon another pressie......ok 3 and he honestly has so so much i need to stop and my friend bought another for him!!!!!! il need a wendy house in the garden for all his stuff :lol:
  • glad to hear it doll image no fun keeping out of mischief!!

    i dread to think what our wee furballs will be like when this tree is up with baubles and tinsel, ive got visions of coming home from work to find it in a heap on top of the tv lol.....Sean would go MEN-TAL if that happened and I would prob just laugh!!

    I was the same, I took a note of when af started so I knew roughly when I was due again but i didnt use any opk's or anything, no idea if or when I ov'd. Think af is actually a day early though.

    Fingers crossed for our 2010 beans....well actually just one would be enough that sounds like an awful lot lol.....maybe enough for everyone on this forum YAY!!!

    Ach thats what kids are for, spoil him while you can.....there cant be anything better in the world than watching him open his pressies on the big day and his wee face lighting up!!
  • i no hes actually getting what its all about but he wont go anywhere near my singing bing crosby lol i cant wait for xmas morning and he will be able to open his own pressies this year so think scott will have to buy me more to make uo for it haha

    have you got loads to get? x

    i clued lennon up on telling the cats off if there at my tree or that lol one he was eating and shouted me through coz he couldnt get down to tell them off lol
  • nah not really too much to buy since we are both only children and dont really keep in touch with aunts/uncles etc......nothing like leaving your shopping to the last minute eh??

    aw imagine lennon shouting at the cats....sweet!! i honestly dont know how we will cope but we can only try, tree should look braw when we can be bothered building it....not sure what possessed me to go for a 7ft one though....must be mad!!

    Have you got any more xmas nites out planned?? Cant believe its nearly here already....yet another quick year....and only 8 working days to go and im off for nearly 2 weeks....WOO HOO!! xx

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