CD??! Update- Wanabamama, MrsHappy25,Emmsy4, 3054,Charlamine

Hey ladies!!

Well it's CD20, how are you all getting on this month??

I've just got back from holiday and had the best time! We BD every day we were away from CD 10 to 17, and had spotting on cd 14 and 15, just once in the afternoon when wiped (sorry tmi!) each day so am hoping this was an ov bleed. I've never had one before but a book I've got (taking charge of your fertility) says this is a sign you are extemely fertile due to hormones so thats got me pretty excited!!

And now on to the 2ww!! Am 4dpo and it's taking forever!! Af should be due around 1st July and not sure whether to test or just see what happens. I had an implantation bleed with last BFP so if see any signs of that I might test.... eek so exciting!!

Anyone else on 2ww yet?? How is your PMA?!! Mine is super high and feel we are in with a chance, fingers crossed!!!

Are you going to test or just wait to see if AF turns up??

Hope you're all well and enjoying the sunshine! :\)

Loadsa luck and babydust xxx

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  • Hey Amber!!! Cd20 for me as well today and the 2ww wait begins! Bd every other day from cd11 to cd18 when my chart says ov due and then the cd19 just in case! I am feeling pretty positive as done everything I can for this month! Af due on 3rd july defo not going to test early this month going to wait! Easier said then done but got a lot planned this weekend and next weekend got a big birthday suprise planned for hubby so just going to focus on those things!
  • Hey everyone x x x

    Amber sounds good really positive I have my fingers crossed for you

    charlamine sounding positine too honey fingers crossed for you too

    I BD's plenty and deffo ov and deffo BD's around the right times but still not feeling too positive... going to cut out caffine next month see if that helps as I drink far too much and really strong cups at work!

    I have actaully booked myself in for some cosmetic surgery on the 19th of July fed up putting my life on hold for something that doesn't seem to be happening for me! It's something I always wanted to get done so now I'm doing it lol I'll not be complaining if it has to go on hold for a bump though x
  • Hello, lovely to hear everyone's updates! I'm on cd21 now, bd'd cd 12, 15, 17, 19 and 20 so here's hoping it has caught (I am knackered lol!) I know I have quite a late ovulation in my cycle and had slight cramps on cd 19 so reckon that was it. I might use ov sticks next month if no luck this month. AF due 1st july so testing on 2nd if no AF before then. Hopefully this will be our month ladies, stick baby dust to us all! xx
  • Wow!! Theres been a lot of bding going on!!! Sounds like we're all in with a chance!!

    Charlamine, thats awesome you've got some stuff planned, am sure the time will fly by!! Have a great time!

    Wanabamama, cosmetic surgury, how exciting!! how good for you that you're doing it for yourself, maybe what you're doing will have such +ive effect on you that you'll get your BFP.

    I have to say I've stayed in my current job for the maternity leave and benefits, when I'm not really very happy here but keep waiting for baby etc (got close but mmc!!). I know I should get on with my life and do something I enjoy and not wait for this but all I want to be is a mum!!

    Emmsy4, knackered lol! I know, I'd had enough of it after 8 days on the trot!! I'm due on 1st too, not sure about testing but hopefully we'll both be on here with some good news!

    Great to hear from you all, hopefully this will be a lucky thread, theres gotta be a bfp between the lot of us!! xxx
  • Hi all CD 20 for me too . Just got my smiley face today which is much later than normal but just glad to see one. Busy now with lots of BD x Hope everyone is ok and looking forward to some BFP announcements soon x
  • I'm out!!

    The witch got me 3 days early so am back to cd1! V disapointed as had lots of spotting and thought was ov bleed then later an implant bleed but AF is defo here so I'm on to the next month.

    Ordered a CBFM today and can't wait to get it and start using it at the weekend, yay!!

    How are you all??

    Loadsa luck for some BFPs!!! xxx
  • Hi just replying over here too. Hope you have lots of luck with CBFM. Think I may invest if I don't get BFP this month(well July actually by the time I test) six days past ov for me. How is anyone else doing?
  • Hi just replying over here too. Hope you have lots of luck with CBFM. Think I may invest if I don't get BFP this month(well July actually by the time I test) six days past ov for me. How is anyone else doing?
  • Hi Amber so sorry to hear that she got you early I saw your implantation bleed post the other day and had my fingers crossed for you. My af is due Saturday not got any symptoms at all so don't think I have been lucky this month. I have heard such good things a bout the cbfm and sure you will got your bfp very soon!! I wish I could buy one but i think if you have pcos they are not as effective xx
  • Aw sorry to hear that Amber, good luck with the CBFM and hopefully next month will be your month. x
  • Thanks ladies ...

    Charlamine, you never know til the witch turns up, fingers crossed for you!!

    Loadsa luck to all of you, hope the witch stays away!! Babydust!! xx
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