I'll be coming back here unfortunately

Well girls after getting a bfp on month 1 of ttc for lo number 2 I am afraid I am miscarrying and it is the worst experience of my life so far. I can't believe I was so happy with a bfp on month 1 for it to be taken away again.

I think we're gonna ttc again once my body is physically ready but do it much more easy going than the last time around, I need less stress. So may be seeing you in a few weeks, and the ttc after miscarriage forum girls.

Hope you're all doing well and your bfp's are coming this month!!


  • Lambchop I am so sory for your loss image
    I can only imagine how you must feel. It si good to take it easy and try again when you feel ready..

    Take care
  • i am so sorry to hear that lamb chop. . I remember you from last month x x i have had a m c before also at two months. Its not nice hun so i so
    not what your going through x we are all here to chat when your ready x x big hugs x
  • Awh so sorry to hear about ur loss hun image
    we are all here for u when u feel u can try again.

    Sending u lots of hugs and sticky baby dust xxx
  • So sorry to hear this Lambchop. I hope you find some way to grieve and get back on top of things soon. We'll all be here when you're ready! image x
  • Hi Lambchop,
    I'm really sorry to hear your news.
    I know nothing I say will help so just make sure you look after yourself for a bit and take it easy.
    Thinking of you. x
  • Lambchop, I am so sorry for your loss hun.

    Thinking of you and come back when you feel ready

  • Sorry to hear that hun xx Good luck for when you ttc again xx
  • Hi hun,

    I'm sorry you've had to come back and join the ttcam forum. It's a forum no one wnats to join, but the ladies are just great as you know!

    Don't put too much pressure on yourself and take your time! It does get easier i promise!

    Lots of love
  • I'm so sorry lambchop, I don't know what else to say. I hope you're taking care of each other and that when you do come back you get a lovely quick bfp x
  • I'm really sorry to hear your sad news. I'm thinking of you x
  • I'm so sorry for your loss. Bigs hugs xxx
  • awwww lambchop im so so sorry! sending u all the love in the world, and u will get ur well desevred sticky bfp soon! liking the relaxed approach. look forard to seeing u announce another bfp soon image

    *sticky dust*
  • Lamchop, I am so very sorry for your loss. Sending you hugs and good luck for when you ttc again.
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