Am I out this month?

Hi Ladies,

As the title says, I am CD29 (12DPO) today of an average 34 day cycle. I have mild AF cramps and some light coloured spotting when I wipe (sorry tmi).

I'm just wondering if I'm out this month or whether I'm still in with a chance?

Have had lots of symptoms since OV and I really had my hopes up that we'd done it this month image



  • Dont give up until proper AF comes !! It could be it hun, but you never know, so hold out for a few more days xxxx must be so exciting/frightening waiting for AF, i'll be doing it next month so I will truly know how you all feel each month by then !
  • I wouldn't give up hopes until AF comes - good luck x
  • Good Luck hun I thought i was out untill AF forgot to come :lol:

    she is almost 2 weeks late image image

    gems x

  • Thanks peeps. The cramps were quite bad earlier on but have totally gone now and still some pinky spotting when I wipe.
    Fingers crossed it's good news for me; will keep you posted xxx
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