pains in low belly

hi just a quike question i finshed af just under 2weeks ago anf 5 days ago i started to have a little paine in the lower left of my belly then it moved to the right side and then it moved to the middle in the lower bit of my belly and have still got this i know its not a water infection as i have had these befor af is not jue till 27 nov has any one els had this .x


  • I am CD8 and had really odd pains in my tummy yesterday, it was more in the middle but was like a tightening that started towards one side and went across then faded. Have no idea what it was and it lasted mid morning to late afternoon but not had it today. Had pains that I would expect around ov time today but its way too early (as confirmed by my shiny new CBFM :lolimage

    Think most of mine is my imagination x
  • think you might be right some times i feel a little nusea but think ist whisfull thinking.x
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