No sign of AF, now 4 days late.....

Heya girlies, well AF was due Friday and still no sign today!! I have x2 CBD upstairs but am so so scared of testing incase we get a BFN! Im thinking of getting sum cheapo tests tonight and taking one tomorrow morning?

what you guys reakon? help!


  • Have u not tested at all? I would test tmw then u can always test again if its bfn and af doesnt show. Hoping its a bfp xxx image
  • I don't know how you can resist kim. The problem with taking the cheap tests is that when you get a BFN you don't believe them. I'd say test now honey, you're three days late now so that's a good sign.

  • You so know everyone is going to tell you to test! lol

    If you have regular af's and this is definitely out of the ordinary, you sort of should! It's so horrible seeing a bfn, but what if it's a bfp?? But you need to know either way. Good luck, I know you'll keep us posted. xx
  • i cannot believe how much will power you have!! you gotta test hun xx lol !! hope you get a BFP!! babydust xx ;\)
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