feeling down- sorry

Hello ladies

I'm sorry for my post below, I know I may sound shallow and considering some of the heartache that goes on with in these boards I know my problems are very small but I cant help the way I feel and so im posting this as a desperate attempt to get things off my chest in the hope that a problem share is a problem halved and all that!

I have been off the pill since the end of July, for the first month it was fine and I actually felt better but since August I feel like my body is on a roller coaster and I have no control over it, my cycles are on average 5 weeks long - for 3 of these I have PMT and my body plays tricks on me and right now I feel like im being dragged through hell - its NYE and I have bought a new dress to wear, one that im happy in despite the fact that im not happy about my weight- big night out has been planed an up until a couple of days a go I was looking forward to it, however now I just want to curl up in a ball and lock myself away, the main reason for this is the hideous great big spots that I have on my face, neck and shoulders- the dress is strapless so will no doubt be still hanging in the wardrobe at midnight, now when I get home from work I will be desperately trying to find something to wear.

Can you tell from my tone that im feeling quite depressed - I went to the doctors before christmas and she took a blood test for general health which came back fine - she said I basically have to put up with the symptoms I have and that I have a job I don't like so that doesn't help.

Now I know we have only been trying for 5/6 months but I just can't cope with all the cr*p that goes with it on top of the dreaded BFN.

Sorry for the rant, no much anyone can do to help really- unless anyone happens to have a magic lamp??



  • Hi hon G/C from Due June. I can completely relate to how u r feeling, when i came off pill i also had 5 week cycles and felt all over the place emotionally, this on top of the devestation of each BFN its no wonder you are down. I know people always say it, but if you try not to try it will really help things, the month i got my BFP was the one month i didnt mind if i got BFP or not (as i am now due 3 weeks before being a bridesmaid) and i'm sure i fell preg coz i was more relaxed. This wont make you feel any better about tonight but sending you hugs x
  • hi ilovepicknmix, thank you ffor the hugs- congreats on you pregnancy, fingers crossed i follow in your foot steps

    Happy New Year xxx
  • hi sorry to hear your feeling down i came off the pill june and yess i really know how you feel about the spots and the cramps hope you feel beeter soon and hope your dreams come true next year .xxx HAPPY NEW YEAR
  • ((((hugs)))) aw hun, we all go through phases when it feels the whole world is against you. I bet your outbreak isn't half as bad as what you think, bit of fake tan can work wonders! As for your cycles, it can be very very frustrating not knowing what's going on with your body but getting yourself so stressed out really won't help.
    Go out tonight, wear that gorgeous dress that makes you feel great, forget about ttc and enjoy yourself, it really will do you the world of good! And just remember this time next year you probably won't get out at all because babysitters are few in numbers on new year eveimage xx
  • thank you for the replies ladies image i do feel a bit better - off now to find somthing to wear.

    happy new year to all xxxxxxxx
  • Sorry to hear you're feeling so down. I have moments like this often. I agree with Huni about the fake tan and maybe you could wear the dress anyway with either a little bollero cardi on the top or a shawl type scarf thing. There are loads in the shops. I'm sure it isn't as bad as you're feeling it is.

    I wish you feel better soon and try to enjoy your night out. You deserve it hon Lots of love xxx
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