AF late but BFN...confused!!

Well am almost 5 days late... Took a test last night and BFN but then I guessed it was because it wasn't first sample of the morning so decided to wait and try again in the morning. So I took another this morn and still BFN so I was rather confused. Took a trip to the doc who said it could just be still too early so she told me to get a sample and they would send it away, so I should find out tomorrow or thurs. I really am hoping there us a little bean in there as me and O/H have already tried and had 2 mmc this year already. Has anyone else had BFN and have been pregnant? Would really appreciate and info image thank you emma xxx


  • Hi hun, have you had any sign of af at all, any spotting etc. What dpo are you? I would wait a few days and then test again or wait for your doctors results.

    Good luck hun, fingers crossed its just a shy bean for you xx
  • Hi, you might still be pregnant and it isn't showing yet or it could be that you ovulated later than what you were expecting. I didn't ovulate at all last month (first time this has ever happened that I'm aware). I was pretty sure that I didn't ovulate as I usually get a bunch of signs afterwards ovulation and I didn't get any of them. All my family thought I was nuts and even the dr rolled her eyes when I said that I hadn't ovulated that month. This happened back at beginning of November and I still haven't had a period yet although I am pretty sure that I ovulated almost 2 weeks ago....fingers crossed I get my period in a few days! I think it is fairly common to not ovulate every now and again but it realy freaked me out, especially as it was our first month of ttc!!!!! Hopefully we can get on it next month! haha x
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