Things I didn't know.....

My mum has just told me that 25% of prenancies end in miscarriage and that she had 2 between my 2 younger brothers (I'm one of 4) - which I didn't know. And she thinks that my 43 day random cycle last month may have been a really early chemical pregnancy that just wasn't to be.


My friend is 16 weeks pg and had period like pains on Monday eve, woke up on Tuesday with blood and obv went to Doctors - who sent her to the Maternity clinic. She found out that bleeds were quite common during pregnancy - and met a girl who was in with her 5th bleed at only 19 weeks!

Did not know that - makes you wonder when we analyse all our spotting during the 2WW


  • Agree with everything you've said so far girls, I didn't know any of that either. Also the whole cm business... can't remember ever getting any ewcm before I went on the pill aged 17, I do have it now when I ov though! Plus I had no idea about implantation bleeding/ pain.
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