Where's AF - please don't tell me cycle going to pot!

where can i buy it and how much does it retail at?


  • Hi All

    Not been in forum much this month as OH had man flu at crucial time therefore knew no chance of bfp this month.

    My cycles before having lo in January were always 28 days (you could time it to the hour)

    Since having lo had 28 day cycle, 24 day cycle (when thought I was going to get BFP), 28 day cycle.

    I expected AF Monday but not arrived and no symptoms. sorry if tmi but had slight bit of brown discharge when I wiped this morning (and I mean slight) but nothing since and no usual "cramps before AF arrives"

    I no this is premature worrying that my cycles have gone to pot as had only just got my pma back up to try get a bfp in Aug

    Any one else experienced regular cycles then gone off the usual cycle?

  • Nope, but I'm sure you're not the only one!

    My cycles have been fairly constant, but I've had more and more and different symptoms each month and still no BFP.

    I'm not sure what to suggest - I would say test, but if there was no bd'ing then I don't know?

    Hope things sort themselves out and you get another BFP soon!
  • Did you bd at all anywhere near the crucial time? There is always a posibility that you ov'd early/late and could have caught it if you bd'd. As your cycles are so regular, leave it another day or so and do a test if af doesnt show up. Good luck x
  • Sorry to say didnt bd at all last month (had held off until ov then hubby had man flu then I sulked for rest of month coz we missed ov lol)

    This may sound stupid but can you still have visit from AF if you are pregnant?

    Reason for this question is I was so convinced I had caught on (loads of symptoms) when I ended up getting AF earlly (hence 24 day cycle)

    Know it's a long shot and understand that only chance of BFP this month is through "immaculate conception" - if it worked for Mary & Joseph it could happen again lol
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