Anyone coming into the 1ww?

im now coming into my 1ww and am due next friday...just wondered if anyone is at the same stage as me and also if anyone has been feeling any different or getting any possible symptoms yet?

My tummy was niggly yesterday quite crampy and last night my right ( . ) was killing me....strange! Could be anything! I will not symptom spot ( yeah right)!!!



  • Hi Cheryl
    Yes - I'm now on day 26 of a 33 day cycle so about the same as you. My only possible 'symptom' was increased CM - but hardly any today - so maybe not! Trying to keep my PMA though - lots of people have no symps then get their BFP's (so she says convincingly!)
    Yours sound promising though!
    Babydust x
  • hiya hun
    im not too sure at the mo...dont wanna get excited and then get a bfn!! I have also had increased cm but its very creamy...not sure if its a good sign or not but i guess time will tell!! Im trying to keep my mind of the 1ww so that it will fly by....just picking up a hutch tonght for our new baby rabbit...this may keep me occupied ( she thinks)
    you getting any other symptoms hun?
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