FAO Snugglenush

Hi hun,

Did you cave in and test yet?

SD x


  • Wow a FAO!

    Well I tested on Monday and got a BFN. AF was due yesterday and so far nothing.
    Have got AF pains though as if she is just round the corner. Not sure when to test again - wish she would just come if she is going to so I can get on with it and deal with it. Plus I will know whether I can drink over Christmas.
    Sorry been a bit quiet but just been really really down these last few days - have cried so much lol.
    May test tomorrow.
    Read about your AF troubles - hope it sorts out. Maybe it was a little messed up cos you thinking about getting that BFP!
    Here's to a succesful 2010!
    I'll keep you updated.
  • Oh thanks hun, yeah me too but hubby has cheered me up this is our first married xmas and hes got me a beautiful card saying to my gorgeous wife, the love of my life and inside he wrote a few nice words and then said pick one a hol or a day away shopping?

    I said what do you mean a hol? my heart sank because i thought he meant forget about a baby lol. I said to him I want a baby and really wanted to be pregnant by xmas and he said we are still gonna try hard for a baby but that we could book a last min hol not too far into next year and have a holiday woo hoo so am a very lucky lady indeed this xmas even tho I havent got my BFP I have my gorgeous hubby and hes been so supportive and understanding to me these past few weeks.

  • Aww what an understanding and wonderful OH you have!! You really are a lucky girl!
    Well I still have no sign of AF apart from the tiniest of tiniest spots yesterday - but still a BFN.
    Wish she would hurry up now so we can get started again.
    I have to face my friends coming round today who are 6 months pregnant.
    Well have a great Christmas!!
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