How many have had .....

a BFN at 14dpo?

I havnt actually tested yet but i'll be 14 dpo tomorrow and scared of testing in case I get a BFN! (not feeling very postive at the minute :\( )


  • I am glad you asked that - i don't have the answer but I tested today am about 14/15dpo AF due tomorrow and I got a BFN. Was hoping someone who has had a BFP could give me a bit of hope!
    When AF due VWGirl?
  • AF is due tomorrow, feel different this month but that could possibly be in my head.

    Hate getting my hope up just for them to be let down, other half just thinks i'm negative.

  • I really really thought I was pregnant - hoping it's just a shy bean. I suppose tomorrow will tell - weill test again wed am if no sign of AF.
    Will be devestated if the witch arrives tho image
    I hate this i really really do.
    Good luck
  • Thank you.... good luck to you too.
    Keep me updated

  • I tested this morn af due bfn, af arrived at 6pm tonight am out!!

    Good luck ladies hope your xmas wishes come true x
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