Basal thermometer

Hello ladies

Does anyone know where I can buy one from? I've asked in Boots and Superdrug and keep getting the answer "oooh I've never heard of one of those". Any help would be great, preferably not from the internet!



  • I had mine from tescos - looked in Boots and they didn't know what I was on about.

    Mine was about ??6- it's digital and has a memory, and seems to be doing the job so far!

  • Hi, I got mine off Ebay - digital screen, remembers your last reading. Was about ??5. Working good at the mo! x
  • Hi pet,

    the term 'basal body temperature' just means 'resting body temperature', which basically means you should take your temp 1st thing on a morning, as soon as you wake up, before you eat / drink / get out of bed.

    Any thermometer will do for this, I've just bought this one

    and it's really good. I just keep it by my bed and take my temperature as soon as the alarm goes off on a morning.

    Hope this helps you.

  • I got mine from Amazon and has been great, cheap too. x
  • Just get a digital one that remembers the last temp so you can take it then go back to sleep and check it in the morning!
    You can get these from any chemist or most supermarkets, they range from ??1 - ??10. xxxx
  • Hi,

    I bought mine from Asda, it was on offer about ??5 I think. It beeps when it's ready and then beeps when it's finished and remembers the temperature, so I just use it in the dark and when I've woken up I record the temperature.

    It was just a digital thermometer
  • i got one from boots.
  • it needs to read to 2 points after the decimal for charting as the slight increase can make a difference, so instead of a thermometer that reads 36.5 it should be able to go one more 36.56, i got mine from ebay for ??3 worked for me x
  • Thanks ladies, this is really helpful! I'm going to try Tesco and a bigger Boots to see how I get on there rather than ordering online (currently living with the parents so don't really want to draw attention to a delivery).
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