Does it mean I'm not?

Hi ladies
I'm on CD 30, I came off the pill at Christmas and apart from my first cycle which was 35 days the rest have always been 28 or 29 days. This month we've b'd loads less as I think we were putting pressure on ourselves, I know we did BD the day I ov'd and the day after, am I late? should I feel different because I dont think I do?!!! I thought if anything i'd have AF earlier this month because i've had lots of stress and upset at work in previous few months but this month has been fine. When would you test and which tests do you recommend?
sarah x

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  • hiya hun, sometimes stress can also delay af too? but its good she hasnt arrived yet! test test test image oo im excited for you, i wouls recommend superdrugs early tester, i here theyre good, or first response? good luck and keep us posted xxxx
  • only because im miserable and boring would i suggest waiting until after cd35 as this was your longest cycle,stress can make AF late

    but it really is up to you lol

    good luck whta ever you choose xx
  • Hi ladies
    I decided to test this afternoon as i literally couldn't stop thinking about it and got a BFP 2-3 weeks on clearblue digital!!!!! Only thing now is depsite this being the one thing i really wanted to see I am now worried what if its wrong !!!! bloody no satisfying some folk is there!!!!
    thank you
  • Not heard of a false positive and by the sound of it you are 5+ weeks so congratulations honey ( she blows lots of baby dust)
  • Congratulations! Pleased for you, pls blow some baby dust to all of us ladies still trying xx
  • I am blowing baby dust and baby bubble over the whole thread. we started trying at Christmas so I consider us very lucky as I know it can take alot longer.
  • Great news hon!
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